Frequently asked questions

Is there a hotel near the Rustic Rose?

Yes, there is a Comfort Inn Hotel and Super 8 Hotel in Story City, 3 miles from the Rustic Rose.

Can you bring your own alcohol?

No. The Rustic Rose Barn has its liquor license and will staff/stock the bar to accommodate your event. We provide security and bartenders based on guest count: $100/hr for 150 guests and above. $75/hr for up to 150 guests We also provide a drink specialist to help you choose which alcohol you would like to serve. We can provide a Hosted Bar, Cash Bar, or combo of both.

Do you have required vendors?

No, we allow you to choose all your own vendors. We do have recommended vendors to assist you in planning your event.

Do you offer a wedding planner?

No, but we have a recommended planner who is very familiar with our venue.

Is there transportaion to the barn/hotel if my guests don't want to drive on gravel or want to drink?

Yes! We offer a shuttle bus that can transport guests to and from the event. This is a rented item ($300). We take three trips to the barn before the event and four trips back to the hotel's in Story City.

Will anyone be there to help me set-up?

Yes and No: We want you to be able to customize your wedding however you want so we don't want to interfere. However, staff will be around during the set-up process to help with any questions and ideas you may have. We also create a custom set-up for tables and chairs.

Are animals allowed on the property?

YES! We love all animals and if you have a special critter you would like involved in your wedding, we would love to have them. Horse, dog, sheep, pig, etc.. We even have a dog kennel on site, so if you need to board your dog we can pamper them for you. Feel free to let your guests know as well.

Who takes all these amazing photos?

We've had the privilege of working beside some amazingly talented individuals. They bring our venue to life for our guest and our future guest. Here are a couple of our favorites. Check out more of their work because we're confident you'll be blown away.

Want to share the photos you've taken at our venue?